Author Topic: Problem with image file open dialogs  (Read 1474 times)

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Problem with image file open dialogs
« on: December 26, 2013, 02:26:23 am »

I'm having a bizarre problem with the open-file dialogs for images within PVD.

When I click on the "load image from file" button on the toolbar in the Poster, Front Cover, or Disc Cover sections of the Movies editor screen, or the portrait section of the People editor screen, the "Open" dialog is missing the button that turns the "Preview pane" on or off (this button should be near the top right corner of the dialog, between the View button and the Help button). Further, the Preview pane itself is present (and cannot be turned off, since the button is missing), but does not display anything when I click on an image file. I can get thumbnail previews if I set the dialog's view options to medium, large or extra-large icons, or to "Tiles" or "Content". But the Preview Pane itself stubbornly refuses to show the selected image.

Oddly, the dialog for the "Open..." command on the main PVD menu (for opening a database) DOES have the preview-pane-toggle button (but since that dialog only shows database files, I can't tell if images would preview in it or not).

What's really strange, though, is that PVD is the ONLY application I have that has this problem. The file-open dialog in, say, Microsoft Windows Paint (or in Paint.NET, or Libreoffice, or most any other app that can load images) has a fully-functional Preview pane. Likewise, Windows Explorer itself has a Preview pane, the toggle button is present, and the pane will display image file previews.

I KNOW this used to work in PVD, but I can't be sure at what point it stopped working. It may have been when I upgraded to the latest release (I am running, but I can't verify that.

I can work around this by using any of the thumbnail views within the Open-image dialog, but the dialog resets to Details view every time I use it.

Any idea what's wrong? How do I get this working again?