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Ribbon legibility in v1.0


I'd like to see visual improvements to the "ribbon" in PVD 1.0. Right now, it's very hard to tell whether a ribbon "tab" is selected or not, on a 1080p monitor with the default Windows color scheme. The "beveling" ("depressed") effect that indicates a tab is selected just isn't very obvious at all.

Would it be possible to increase the "depth" of the beveling, e.g. the width of the lines? Right now it looks like it's merely a single pixel in width, which just gets lost at today's high monitor resolutions, especially given that the beveling is just different shades of gray against a gray background. If need be, the size of the "tabs" could be increased to allow for a larger/thicker "bevel".

Also, it would help if there were other visual effects to go along with the beveling. Perhaps the background color of the "selected" tabs could be make a different color/shade, or the text rendered in a different style (bold or italic).


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