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Proxomitron - next https solution for PVD


Proxomitron - next https solution for PVD

Proxomitron, this is the next solution to the PVD and https connection. With
Proxomitron all Amazon plugins and scripts again they operate. Maybe something else, but certainly none RottenTomatoes script does not work. I checked but so far I have not found a solution for SSL error, it may be more success in the future.

Download Proxomitron files:

From http://www.proxomitron.info/files/ please download the ProxN45j.exe file (but not ProxN45j.zip file). Once you have downloaded ProxN45j.exe file, run it to install the Proxomitron program in your PC .
It is recommended that the C:\ Program Files\ where you installed Proxomitron, folder does not appoint Proxomitron Naoko-4 but only Proxomitron. This is important for later if you wish you may later have  "_start.cmd" (Windows Command Prompt) and also used to run the Proxomitron and PVD at a time together.

Now when we already have this, you need the proper functioning of Proxomitron, the following files (libeay32.dll, msvcr70.dll and ssleay32.dll), which are on the same web page in openssl-0.9.8-mod-rev1.zip file. Download the file, unzip and the previously mentioned files copy the Proxomitron program folder,

It is advisable to also replace zlib.dll file, which is on the same web page in zlib_dll.zip file. Download the file, unzip it and copy the Proxomitron program folder.

You will also need a new default.cfg file, which is added below. Download the file and copy the Proxomitron program folder, to replace the old "default.cfg" with this new "default.cfg" .

It will also act PVD, you must also PVD settings \ Internet connection, find the "Proxy" and confirm. In the "Server" field enter "localhost" Port settings to 80 . Only with this configuration will function properly PVD. PVD is used only proxy port 80.

You can also change Proxomitron.exe file, which is added to the bottom (7z or zip) if you do not like the look of the present. Download the file, unpack and copy the Proxomitron program folder.

Operation Proxomitron program:

1.) Run the Proxomitron program

2.) Run the PVD program

3.) Start any Amazon plugin and then allow or not allow the operation of Amazon plugin

default.cfg is attached.
Proxomitron 7z and Proxomitron zip is attached.
Here are a few Proxomitron links where you can get more information about the program.





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