Author Topic: Lost all my PVD data after upgrading?  (Read 63 times)

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Lost all my PVD data after upgrading?
« on: November 26, 2019, 11:25:33 am »
Hoping someone can help me, i lost all my PVD data about 6months back, because it happened a while ago i'm not 100% sure which order things happened but i'll do my best to explain.
I had been using the old 9. version of PVD for 10yrs+ and upgraded to Windows 10 which may have  been the start of the problems, i think i noticed some odd behaviour in PVD, i then seem to remember comming to this website to upgrade to the latest version of PVD in an attempt to fix, then next time i went to go into my database to my horror it listed 0 films! i've not been able to get them back since and have no idea whats happened.

I did have a HTML and .bak files of my old database from a few yrs back but these are missing 200+ films and i have tried to restore these backups within the latest PVD i have installed just so i have something to work with but they will not install for some reason i always get errors so currenty the only access i have to my work is via the HTML which isn't great. I have tried uninstalling the latest verison and tried installing every version of PVD in order to get one of my backups installed and none of them work, i'm kind of desperate right now just to get PVD working again, not bothered what version i have as i dont use the scripts or internet i only want it for PC use.

As far as i know the PVD data is saved in the exe file, the one that my desktop PVD icon would point to(hope thats right) if it's not could someone tell me where the PVD data for my files sits on the computer?
I do remember moving some folders off my hard drive to make space at one point so there is a possibility i may have moved something which caused the problem(i need to check this) but after comming here and reading the probs with win10 and software versions i'm thinking maybe the issue relates to me upgrading PVD and maybe not doing it properly or something.

Hoping someone might recognize this problem i have, any ideas appreciated, thanks

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Re: Lost all my PVD data after upgrading?
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2019, 12:34:14 pm »
First, download the file from this address
and unzip it to one of your hard disk or external hard disk partitions. Then in the folder run PVD with portable.bat file. When PVD opens, a movie.pvd file may already appear in the same folder) and you may save it. Only now use copies of saved movies.pvd.bak and restore your saved movies.pvd.bak files. This is the only way to see if these files may not contain any errors, making it impossible to recover the data.

Test this to see what the PVD response will look like. Then it will be easier to advise on possible solutions.
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