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Suggestions not yet suggested - Just for the record
« on: January 17, 2021, 02:26:00 pm »
I know we will probably never see another version of PVD, but just for the record and as a reminder I will write here what I'm missing in PVD that isn't already mentioned:

- Selecting multiple non-contiguous records (CTRL+left click).
- Filtering only episodes, without series/seasons tree(s) (for mass editing/updating, for example). This could be overrided by achieving previous idea.
- In a window with search results to provide an option to enter URL manually and to import data from that URL upon clicking OK. (not rarely, displayed search results don't contain the proper hit, while there is an entry online).
- Dynamically and silently updating database (for example, to choose and set scripts or batch files and to schedule when to automatically update database applying those scripts/batch files, while silently means to skip automatically to the next record if URL field of a given record doesn't contain domain to which the scripts/batch files are related to).
- Integrating browser into PVD, so it would have an internal browser, like Offline Explorer has (for example, to check search results, or to open links for which there are no data in PVD) and then to offer to import data from that page.
- Paste option for front and disc covers, just as poster section has it.
- To offer to import episode photos from IMDb to screenshots as well as to posters section.
- Possibility to import/place persons thumbnails near their names in a movie tab, like on IMDb, for example.

Except the last one, I'm not aware any video cataloger has these options. Please be free to discuss my suggestions.
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