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Outstanding feature requests
« on: February 15, 2009, 07:55:24 am »
Please check here before making a suggestion that may have already been made. Do add your own comments to existing suggestions—it never hurts to add a "Me too!"

Ever wonder what happened to a feature request? They can take a long time to get scheduled into development. Nostra has his mysterious TODO list, but he'd have to be crazy to let us see that—we'd nag even more! So I've made a few lists in an effort to establish the current status of user suggestions. My hope is this will help users decide what they might patiently look forward to, as well as to let go of expectations unlikely to materialize. :)

BTW, Here is a list of new features that have been added to version 0.9.9.

First—the results of Vote: Features for 0.9.9. They are listed below as "Feature - #votes (%total)" with the status indicated as implemented, outstanding, or postponed.

Customizable views - 80 (16.6%)

Grid view - 50 (10.4%)

Sorting and grouping custom fields - 46 (9.6%)

Printing - 43 (8.9%)

Customizable toolbar - 39 (8.1%)

Copy and Paste records from one DB to another - 33 (6.9%)

Retrieve multiple posters - 25 (5.2%)

Customizable file scanner - 24 (5%)

Read only version of PVD - 24 (5%)

Append database function - 22 (4.6%)

Automatic screenshot making - 22 (4.6%)

Client-Server support - 20 (4.2%)

Tag export/import (like ID3 for mp3) - 20 (4.2%)

Customizable Hotkeys - 18 (3.7%)

The following are feature requests where nostra has indicated in some way (e.g., "added to my TODO list") the feature might be included in 0.9.9. These requests—and nostra's responses to them—took place over a long period of time. Logistics and priorities change, so, again, I hope nostra might indicate the current status of these requests. Despite its length :o the list is not complete, and I may have misunderstood some requests and/or nostra's response.

It would be nice if the scan folders routine dealt with new episodes of series already in the database.

Would it be possible to implement a function to rename the files like the name in the database?
Planned for version 1

TV Series - is it possible to have a record for each season [rather than a blank page]? 
Drag and drop - it would be nice to drag and drop a file onto a record to add or update file link and details.

Preferences vs. settings: "Plugin settings" on the Tools-Import menu linking to the plugins page of preferences; "Template settings" on the Tools-Export menu linking to the template configuration dialog; "Tree view node settings" on the list panel context menu and view menu.
Planned for version 1

Thank you for this great description of [panel or pop-up]. I'll do my best to implement smth. like this in 0.9.9.

"Date added" field is already planned for people.
It seems that I'll have to add Advanced search as well so you will be able to do the same thing as with movies.
Planned for version 1

I would like to use paths like "...\movies\movie001\movie001.avi", or "db\covers\" something like this. Is this possible using variables like %cd% or something?

These little mouse over information cards are great! I'd really like it if there were like three different size options for them (i.e., small, medium and large).

Turns out [filter episodes] doesn't work if the episodes filter is on. If I'm displaying only episodes, search will not find an episode.

How about an Eject after read finished with DVD option?

Could you add support for

I'll add Reviews to the allmovie script if you still need it after the first beta is released.

Automatic screenshot making.

Save image to file to save to the filename "[Title] ([image number]).jpg" so multiple images can be saved

make it possible to add words to be removed when importing titles with the file scanner.

can the program be started using a switch, for instance one that let you start the program in fullscreen pointing at a movie you named in the switch?

Handling playlists in File scanner and New Movie Master is a good idea.

Downloading screenshots is planned for 0.9.9.

I find myself often wishing there were back and forward navigation buttons—like in a browser.

Advanced Search is going to be so useful, I hope you've included the ability to save searches and map them into custom toolbar buttons.
Planned for version 1

is it possible merge two databases?
Planned for version 1

I'll vote for [IMDb number of votes], and please add the Top 250 rank (that appears right after the vote count).
And since both these change over time, this would be another good reason to make available the date the movie was last updated by a download.

I would like the ability to SPLIT a database, or more to the point, the ability to select a number of records (via clicking, search, or whatever) and save them directly to a new database.
Planned for version 1

It is planned to improve [filmography movie link behaviour] and add some options in 0.9.9.

I often wish I could cut & paste an image URL or the image itself from a website to PVD.
Planned for version 1
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