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As you work night and day, ignoring work, family and friends to implement an endless list of features in 0.9.9, perhaps you could use this reminder of what your users think of you and your program. It's compiled (mainly) from posts from new users over the last several months.

By far the best program for video management that I have found—great work and thank you for creating it!
Great work done so far!
Heartfelt Congratulations to you and your fantastic software.
I'm very impressed.
I'm very very pleased with this program. It's great!!!! THANX
I've recently "discovered" your program and I find it great and very useful.
I appreciate your making such a fine program available for free.
I have been looking for a program like this for a long time now—Thank you.
I hope you go on with your development and have the best Freeware Movie Database.
I just found your database and it is amazing—and for free!
I just love it, want others to love it as well—It's so well done.
I just started using PVD yesterday and I love it.
I LOVE the product.
I love the program and prefer it to all the others I've tried.
I love this program!
I Love this program.
I love you.
I think the program it's almost perfect.
I’m very enthusiastic about it.
Keep up the good work, it is truly appreciated!
So pleased to have found this software.
Thank you for this great and free tool to manage my films.
Thank you for this great software.
Thank you thank you thank you!!!
Thank you very much for the really great program.
Thanks again for this great piece of software.
Thanks for creating such a great application.
Thanks for the excellent work you've done building this software!
Thanks for this awesome software. I tried every other and this is far the better—and free!
Thanks for your great software.
Thanks for your work.
This is a great application!
This is an awesome program.
This is the most amazing video program I have used.
This little app is simply amazing.
Very good program.
Your program is excellent.
Your program is fabulous—keep up the great work!
[ed. and my personal favourite...]  ;D

I am extremely happy to have such grateful users :) :D ;D
I would like to say thanks to all PVD users for your support testing and ideas, without you I would never be able to make this program like it is now and special thanks to you, rick for creating this topic and making me feel so GREAT!!!!  ;D

And now back to programming 0.9.9... ;)




As someone who has a collection of more than 5000 movies, and who catalog them for over 8 years, I consider myself fully qualified to state foregoing.

During those 8 years, I’ve been tested dozens of software, and neither one was so close to fulfill needs of a true film and/or technical-data-about-film fans.

Until I discovered PVD about 2 weeks ago.

What I have learned is that there was no good programmer if he/she didn't put him/herself into the user's point of view. And, as I understood, you've been user prior to decided to develop PVD. That's why I decided to give it a try. And after ten days of active use I made some conclusions about PVD. The fact that it is the best software of it's kind, and that is completely free (!) is much less important to me comparable to the fact it has everything one would need and still it's fastest. "Oh boy, will any programming guy hear this, ever?" I used to ask myself, as well as others considering migrations between software. Importing from other databases, which is, I think, the weakest link of any software of this kind, went amazingly smooth. The speed of importing online data is unbelievable. The speed of importing of technical data about video files is something I didn't feel till now.

All in all - PVD is MASSIVE!

Now, nostra, I know that you know all of this, but I wanted you to know that I know, too :). And that I appreciate it as much as possible!

Cheers mate.

P.S. If you find my English peculiar, please don't resent, I'm just an average Serbian guy.


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