Author Topic: Getting information from sites without plugin or script  (Read 2005 times)

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Getting information from sites without plugin or script
« on: August 06, 2011, 07:49:19 pm »
The reason for me giving all this info.:
- Is there anyway to make a plugin and/or a script specific to which would work by using google as means to find the links.  Using search engine is not an option here for their search engine basically sucks, they take out too many common words, where a lot of the movies I endup having to search for have these common words and therefore in the end no links to the movies will end up being found in their database.  Google is best way to go.
- I would like to use this to find the cover images and imdb link (- the /combined endings).  So in the end, I'll end up having the correct/best fitting cover image and an Imdb link/url which later or have it run before the imdb plugin where the urls will be given and the data can be found.

I normally usually just go to the site where I found the link to download the movies which is
One thing I noticed on this site is that a lot of the movies have an imdb link that ends with /combined, if I input these as the url info. and then use the button on the top of PVD to get imdb movie info., I will get an error; HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found. If I remove the /combined ending I have no problem getting the imdb movie data.

The way I normally track down the movie is through
For the search criteria I input the 'Movie Title' and a space and then '' then hit enter.  The very first links found are usually what I'm looking for (I've even kept the authors ending to the movies file name for easier referencing and more defined searches through google; such as -CHD, aAF, -SANTi, -ViP3R, -CM8, etc..)

Here is a good example for 5 selections can be found:
the movie Your Highness (2011)
when I goto and I enter in Your Highness then hit enter,
the very first links for Your Highness are:
Your.Highness.(2011).BDRip.1080p.DTS.X264-CHD (Page 1 of 1) - View ... 2 posts -
Your.Highness.(2011).UNRATED.BDRip.AC3.XviD-SANTi (Page 1 of 1 ...‎
Your.Highness.(2011).UNRATED.BDRip.XviD-3LT0N (Page 1 of 1)
Your.Highness.(2011).CAM.XviD-WBZ (Page 1 of 1)‎
Your.Highness.(2011).PPVRiP.XviD-IFLIX (Page 1 of 1)‎

Now if you go to or open each of the links above to a new tab you'll be able to see what I'm talking about with the urls, but the main reasons for me to come back to the sharethefiles site are: 
-I could not find or wasn't sure about the correct fitting cover image that should be applied to the movie in question.
-no link to any movie for the imdb data could be found.
so when I go back to share the files, I can get both the cover image and the url.

From the above url's you'll notice that the middle one gives the best picture but also gives the url with the /combined ending as do all the other links found for this movie at  The last two (cams), give the same cover image as that found on the imdb site with the Spring 2011 at the bottom not too like-able and besides, I do have the Unrated rip as well so again the middle one looks the best.  The first 2 links have an oplique or offset looking cover image which is not too like-able.

Is there anyway to make a plugin and/or a script specific to which would work by using google as means to find the links.

I don't think so. The site is a forum. Plugins and scripts rely heavily on content appearing in predictable form. And if one were attempted, it would probably have to use the same search technique you're using—relying on Google to list possibly relevant pages on the site. The circumstances do not lend themselves to automation. You're better off using a browser. And the tool to use is therefore a Web search.

Using this site to find the IMDb URL is pointless. Obviously, searching the title at IMDb (using the plugin) is going to be much more effective in finding the IMDb URL. If it's always included as a reference in sharethefiles posts, the IMDb URL (or just the movie reference part of it) would be the most effective search term to use to get a Google site search to return a list of only pages relevant to the specific movie of interest.

This is what I recommend...

  • Add this Web search:
  • Add the movie to the database and run the IMDb plugin.
  • Run the Web search to get a list of relevant posts on sharethefiles. If the title search produces too many irrelevant hits (or you just know from experience it will), cut & paste the IMDb movie identifier (the "tt" part of the URL) into the Web search box for a more specific search.
  • Find the poster you want, download and manually add it to the PVD record.

Having said all that, this is clearly a secondary source for posters. And if you can't find a better poster elsewhere, I wonder how likely it is you would find anything here. :-\

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Re: Getting information from sites without plugin or script
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2011, 04:41:13 pm »
Yah, this works for me just fine.  Saves me a lot of time in trying to do it manually.
Add this Web search:

In Preferences under Web Search I added it as poster.sharethefiles and then had to move it to the top of the list for it to take effect.  Now when I hit on the web search icon on the top toolbar, ie opens with a google search for the movie on sharethefile's web site... First copy the Title of the Movie you did the search for then, Just select the link you want... Save Image As... and paste the Title of the Movie to the cover image file name and then later apply it.  Works great.

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