Author Topic: Export Template for Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide 2008 (for Pocket P.C.)  (Read 3219 times)

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As stated in another post in this topic, I'm not sure if anyone else uses this program, but I find it handy to have my movie DB on my pocket p.c.

Here's the template, which creates a <tab> delimited file.  What appears as visible spaces between fields is actually a tab, so, to make it work I created the template with a dummy character (*), copied it to a text editor to replace the asterisks with tabs and pasted the updated template back into PVD.  If you try to put tabs in the template in PVD it moves the focus from the editor and doesn't put in the tab.  That being said, here's the template:

replace="#13#10<-> "
replace="#13<-> "
replace="#10<-> "
filter="TAB delimted Files|*.tab"
%HEAD%Title   Year   Running Time   MediaType   Category   Director   Country   Genre   Cast   LoanStatus   LoanDate   DueDate   LoanLocation   Owned   Viewed   Acquired   Price   Catalog   MediaQuantity   MediaRegion   Color   ScreenEncoding   FilmProcess   MadeForTV   AudioMono   AudioStereo   AudioDD20   AudioDD51   AudioDTS   AudioTHX   Rating   MPAA   Awards   Notes
%HEAD%{%value=2}   {%value=5}   {%value=19}   DVD   Unfiled   {%value=53}   {%value=45}   {%value=44}   {%value=52}   None            True   True   {%value=17}   0.00      0   1   TRUE   None      False   False   False   False   False   False   False   NR   [{%value=6}]      

The only real problem I have is with the 'viewed' field (32).  It doesn't seem to put out any information whatsoever, just adds another tab.  I currently have it set to True since most of the movies I export from PVD have been viewed, but if any need to be False, I edit the extracted text file before I import it.

Also, I'm wondering is there any way to export just ONE movie, rather than all of them?  Since I'm usually only adding, rather than replacing, it would be quicker to import and probably easier to edit, if it was needed.