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Development / multiple/repeated Check Box
« on: May 04, 2015, 03:04:55 pm »
Hi. Is there a way to do it? Example: I need near Title/Title of episode Check Box for Subtitles. The List of Titles/ Titles of episodes is in the memo field. The Subtitles is Check Box.  In the memo field list of titles/episodes in every line/row is name of episode. I cannot figure it out how to do it multiple/ repeated Check Box in the skin. The total number of Check Box is equal to number of episodes. Because not every episode has translated subtitles I want to identify. It's something like shown in Figure. Thanks for any advice.

I've played around with the coding for some time now and I just can't figure it. Can anybody help me.

How to do that when i use  code "wish" it open some different webpage. /not (<shopbtn />), Ebay (<shopselbtn />)/.
Code: [Select]
                <column space="7">
                  <wish />
                  <fieldlabel field="wish">
                  <shopbtn />
                  <shopselbtn />
I want to use Checkbox on Subtitle and that it open the webpage where it will have found subtitle according to Title of movie. /something similar as it works for "wish"/. Is this the way to do it? Thanks.
Code: [Select]
           <column space="0">
<custom field="Subtitle" />
      <label >

I was finishing the script and skin for AniDB – anime database. I would like to ask if someone could help me with some nuance of skin or script. Sorry for my bad English.

1.   How to do that in the title was automatically the change of size of font when not fit in row, so the text will not going to next line, or  part of the title will not be overlap?

2.   How to do that the content of column <genre> will be automatically changed such that the first letter of the words, will be displayed with large first letter. for example : action, science fiction, mecha,  --  Action, Science fiction, Mecha?

3.   How to do that the content of whole column will be always displayed or 2 line will be displayed? for example in my case: List of episodes:  :D I founded solution:
            <column width="200" halign="center" valign="top" wordwrap="true">
               <customfieldlabel field="List of episodes:"/>
               <custom field="List of episodes:" collapsedlines="10000"/> 

but for another  example: </genre> it is not working and i cannot find solution: ???
                    <column space="35">
                     <section space="10">
                        <border shape="none" />
                           <genre linkcolor1="$9F0000" linkcolor2="$FF5809" collapsedlines="2" >                         
4.   How to do that  <customfieldlabel field="AniDB:"/>  will be displayed with rating?; 
code:          <row>
                  <!-- <column halign="center" > -->
               <column halign="left" space="5">
                  <customfieldlabel field="AniDB:"/>
                  <rating autosize="true">
  AniDB: is in the row presented but it is hide, it shows only when editing.
In the attachments is full working script and Skin for Anime Database. Please look for it.

Thank you for any advice and help.

Development / download all together more poster-picture from url
« on: February 11, 2015, 12:37:58 pm »
I would like to ask if someone could help me.
Is it possible to download all together more poster-picture from url? I used TmpURLpr where is all url which I want to download.

(11.02.2015 12:24:43) GET:;;;;;;;
But I get http/1.0 400 Bad Request

  curPos := Pos('<h4><span>main character</span></h4>', HTML);
  LogMessage('10      if POSTER_ROLE');
  if curPos > 0 then begin
 TmpURLpr := '';

curPos := PosFrom('<img src="', HTML, curPos);
EndPos  := curPos;
curPos1 := PosFrom('<h4><span>secondary cast</span></h4>', HTML, curPos)
LogMessage('21.1  ROLE Actors jpg');
while (curPos < curPos1) do begin
   curPos := PosFrom('<img src="', HTML, curPos) + Length('<img src="');
   EndPos := PosFrom('-thumb.jpg"', HTML, curPos);
   LogMessage('10.1   DOWNLOAD_POSTER_ROLE');
   URLpr := '' + Copy(HTML, curPos, EndPos - curPos);
LogMessage('10.2   URL ROLE ACTORS: '+URLpr);
   TmpURLpr := TmpURLpr + URLpr+';'+#32 ;
  LogMessage('10.3   URL ROLE ACTORS List to download: '+TmpURLpr);
  ExtraLinks[smPoster] := TmpURLpr

Thanks for all.

Development / make Custom Field names same as Directors (ctDirectors)
« on: September 08, 2014, 11:45:08 am »
I would like ask if someone could help. Sorry for my bad English. I am doing script for anime database  I would like make Field names same as Directors (ctDirectors) but with names Original Work:, Story Composition:, Series Composition: with url reference and with switch to people. (so I can group movies by Original Work and show movies with original work = …) I make this but link to URL is not working as in Director: and I am getting stuck.  Original Work is type multiselect list in Custom Field. Output is in the field Original Work:
<link url="">Tomino Yoshiyuki
<link url="">Yatate Hajime
//Original Work:  ~ source for example:
curPos := Pos('">Original Work:</a', HTML);
LogMessage('17 Original Work: ');
 if curPos > 0 then begin
  EndPos := curPos;
  TmpStr := '';
  curPos := PosFrom('creatorid=', HTML, curPos);
  curPos1 := PosFrom('</tr>', HTML, EndPos)
  LogMessage('17.1                      zistujem ci zacina cyklus');
 while (curPos < curPos1) and (curPos > EndPos) do begin               
 URL :=  '' + TextBetween(HTML, 'creatorid=', '">', false, curPos);
  LogMessage('17.2 Original Work:  url '+URL);
          TransName := TextBetween(HTML,  '">', '</a>', false, curPos);
               LogMessage('17.3                       zadavam meno '+TransName);
 curPos := PosFrom('creatorid=', HTML, curPos);
 if TmpStr <> '' then
              TmpStr := TmpStr + #13;
if URL <> '' then
              TmpStr := TmpStr + '<link url="' + URL + '">';
TmpStr := TmpStr + TransName;
 AddCustomFieldValueByName('Original Work:', TmpStr);
 Thank you very much. Fero

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