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Support / Mass imdb update takes too long and consumes a lot of CPU
« on: February 19, 2013, 11:55:37 pm »
Mass imdb update: 263 entries with the imdb top 250 rank, in order to update which 13 entries aren't in the list anymore.

viddb.exe CPU consume: 49%, RAM:178MB VM:158MB

PVD not responding for a long time. Socket errors occur, so I have to keep an eye on my laptop not to get stucked.

Peerblock running, if significant.

Any suggestions, please?

The missing drive is H:, so I always have to have some drive with the letter H assigned to it, in order to open my database, or else, blank new database is opened. The actual location of my database is drive D:.

I noticed that my personalized pvdconf.ini becomes corrupted (rather reset to default), so I have to stick the H: stick, open PVD and again personalize it, exit it, open my database, backup pvdconf.ini, and get it back whenever I forget to stick H: before opening PVD.

I tried to clear all H: references from pvdconf.ini, but no luck. It's like H: information was written somewhere in the darkest corners of my .pvd database, regardless of what is defined in pvdconf.ini.

Any suggestions?

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