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Translating Personal Video Database
« on: December 05, 2007, 04:58:34 am »
Translating for all PVD users

  • Download the file with Strings in a language you can translate from.
  • Make a translation
  • Send me translated strings, and I will add them to the language file of the program. Please, tell me what language it is and char set of the file (if you know which one it is saved to).

Language files:

 Serbien (Cyrillic)

Old language files (not compatible with current version):
* Languages marked red are to be updated!

Custom translations

From version there is a possibility to create custom translations for the program. These translations are loaded from "custom.lng" file in program directory or from the file with the same name and location as a database file, but with .lng extension. Such translations could be used for example if you want to store some other kind of information in the database than movies and you want to change the texts to correspond your tasks.

The file format is very similar with .rc-files used for normal translation, with following exceptions:
1. There is no need in the first two lines:

2. There is no need in the last line:
3. Indexes must always be from 100 to 3100
4. The string at index 100 must be the language id (ex.: 100, "$09" //English)

All the languages above can be downloaded as custom translations. (you will need to rename the files and place them in the right location as described above to make them load)
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