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Out of 13 movies I currently tried to add to my database over half were found to have downloaded crude for the movie Description.
Such as "Did you knowTrivia...."  this is not the actual description for the movie(s) I had to you use the links for the movies, go to the imdb site and and actually copy the the movie description and then add it manually; copying over the crap it put there.
I would like to know if you are intending to post a new script as a fix for this?
Some movies I added where this happened were:
Attack On Finland

Thanks for any help.

Support / IMDB [EN][HTTPS] v1.4.1.5 no longer working
« on: July 11, 2021, 03:12:31 pm »
IMDB_[EN][HTTPS].psf v1.4.1.5 no longer gets the image/poster or movie description, nor the IMDB Votes and Ratings
It does get actors and url which is displayed as http:// and not https://

I've been using TheMovieDB_[EN][API].psf V1.0.0.3 It seems to work for most movies. If not then I have to go to search for the movie, then copy and paste the url link for the movie then use import with TheMovieDB [EN][API] as the selection.

IMDB_[EN][HTTPS]-a.psf is no longer working to update IMDB Votes and give Rating

Previously given:,4153.msg20972.html#msg20972
 How can I update my database with IMDB votes and ratings
« on: December 15, 2019, 05:48:07 pm »

Support / How can I update my database with IMDB votes and ratings
« on: December 15, 2019, 05:48:07 pm »

For a while now I've been using pvd v1.0.2.7 and for movie information I'm using TheMovieDB [En] to get all the information and image for the database.  For each movie I put into the database I have to keep going to to get the current ratings and votes for each movie. 

I have quite a few entries in the database and would hate to mess things up.
Is there a separate pluggin I can use to just IMPORT the current imdb ratings and votes for each of the movies I select in my database?

Thanks for any help

Support / pvd v1.0.2.7 and IMDB [EN] v0.9.8.26 problems
« on: January 07, 2016, 01:16:59 am »
pvd v1.0.2.7 and IMDB [EN] v0.9.8.26 problems
1. No cover images or posters are downloaded.
2. No IMDB Ratings are downloaded
3. Original Name is nothing more than a bunch of mumbo-jumbo for some movies.  And once that gets downloaded, I get a pop-up saying I already have the movie in the database, do I want to merge them etc.

Support / Problems scanning certain movies
« on: September 27, 2015, 01:39:32 pm »
I'm running Windows 7 Pro x64 and using PVD v1.0.2.7

I'm having a problem with a movie, the movie is  called 'Inherent Vice (2014)' this movie is also a t.v show series. I kept getting an arithmetic error that I could not find a way to get rid of and had to start the scanning of all my movies all over again.
The url to the movie is:
But even entering it manually and try to scan movies to update older info like the IMDB votes, I still was getting the arithmetic error and I don't know why.  I keep getting the viddb error:
arithmetic exception, numeric overflow, or string truncation string right truncation
At procedure 'GET_TAGS' line: 1, col:321
Arithmetic overflow or division by zero has occurred.
Error Code: 1.

Support / No Poster with plugin IMDB [EN] v0.9.8.25 using PVD v0.9.9.21
« on: December 20, 2014, 10:55:34 pm »
Currently using PVD v0.9.9.21.

I'm using plugin IMDB [EN] v0.9.8.25 for Movie Information.
All the information is downloaded but No Poster.
When I select to Scan for new movies and some are found, at the
bottom of Scan Results window Poster is Set to AMAZON [EN] and on the drop-down menu those listed
In Preferences under Plugins below are also available for selection.

In Preferences under Plugins,
For Type: Poster Import, I have listed only:
- AMAZON [EN]     --- in bold text
- Impawards [EN] and
- filmup_poster

For Type: Movie Information, I have many plugins, but currently
selected is as default is IMDB [EN] v0.9.8.25

So someone mentioned a temporary fix for this, and that was to use
the IMDB Movie Photo Script.
This does Not Work.
IMDB Movie Photo Script shows up as Type: Movie Information
Not Type: Poster Import as it should.

The same goes for TheMovieDB [EN].  Both show up as Type: Movie Information in Preferences\Plugins...
Not Type: Poster Import

I like to get the movie info. for No other.
For Posters / Cover Images I don't care where they come from as long as its done automatically
when I choose to Process the Scan Results and get New Movie Info.

IMDB Movie Plugin Still doesn't seem to be providing any data for the Original Title after new movies are updated; this area still seems to remain blank and I still have to enter the information manually.  Is this the same for anyone else?

Support / How to Disable v0.9.9.21 in Win7 from minimizing to taskbar?
« on: March 27, 2013, 10:29:11 pm »
How to Disable v0.9.9.21 in Win7 from minimizing to taskbar?
I can't see an option to this in preferences while running under Windows 7
I would like to just have it to minimize but to the icon for starting it that is pinned to the taskbar.

PVD v0.9.9.21, IMDB [EN] plugin v0.9.8.5 not downloading or updating IMDB Rating anyone else have the same problem?

Support / WebSearch input data question
« on: November 21, 2011, 11:41:56 pm »
Is there anyway to have the text of WebSearch comprise of the Title of the movie display to the end user instead of using the Original Title of the movie.  This way I could use it to find the information  through another site that is needed by PVD to update the movie data.
Right now I have to double-click on the movie name in the left pane and the highlight and copy the Title of movie where no data was found and then paste it into the websearch box.

eg: In my naming scheme, I capitalize the First Letter of each word.  When a scan is done for new movies, some of those movies I might not be able to find the data for, simply because in the Original Title a small i is used for the word is or a small t for the word the.

In Preferences under Movies\Title Formatting.  I just found and selected to 'capitalize first letters in all words' Not sure if this will make a difference or not seeing as how my Filenames are like this to begin with during the scanning process.

I would like to see the next version incorperate forward and back buttons that work in conjunction with the entries made for File Path.  This way I don't always have to keep browsing the explorer, just to get the directory address to paste to an entry for File Path; if I've already been there once I would like to be able to just hit the/a back button to take me back there once more.

Hope this won't be too hard to incorperate.

Support / Re: File Scanner and IMDB Results
« on: March 19, 2011, 02:09:08 pm »
I have all my plugins up to date for v0.9.9.21 yet after I do a scan, when new movies are found and processed, the IMDB results are not displayed, or not downloaded period.  For each of the new movies added, I would have to select them in the movies column and go up to the toolbar and select the icon for get [EN] Get movie information from (Ctrl+Alt+I).  After doing this, I can see it actually connecting to the and getting the info.  But why is this not happening in the process new movies stage; I have not changed any of my preferences for some time yet the last couple of times the above is what is happening or rather not happening when it should.

Support / Video file info. is not being done after scan of new movies
« on: November 15, 2010, 12:19:23 am »
I have noticed that over 90% of the movies I have added to my database have no actual Video File Info.  the only thinks that appear under these are just the File Path and Duration.  Does anyone have any idea as to why this is happening?

I go to to each and delete what is located in the File Path and do another scan of the directory, all the movies are then updated with File Information. So why does this not happen upon the first scan for new movies?

Support / [SOLVED] Display problem
« on: November 13, 2010, 06:45:17 pm »
I don't know if this is an interface problem, but because I use PVD on my TV, I have selected to change the Display DPI from 90 to 120 (125% increase).  The interface of PVD doesn't look any different from what I can see, but when I do a scan for new movies and it goes to find posters for the/a movie, the screen that pops up (Select Movie_Search Results) with the links to movies for me to choose from, is basically unreadable.
The links provided for me to choose from become overlaped in the window.


Ever since v18 or v19, I've been experiencing issues with file path changes.
Ex: Lets say I have a file in directory HDD_055 and then I add a newer file because the first cut of the movie in HDD_055 was say a Screener or R5 and the new movie I just added was to HDD_061.  When I do a new scan of all the directories, File changes are found.  I except and proceed.  When I'm finished I do another scan. The same file is again picked up with file changes to be made.  Your program just seems to alternate between the 2 directories.  In order for me to fix this I have to manually go to this movie, double-click on it and delete the file path info. Then do another scan so that both files are picked up at the same time.

The above happens with a lot of movies, not just this one.

Another issue I have is in the characters presented to the end user in the file path.  A lot of my movies have file name that are a lot longer than just 36 characters in length.  In previous versions, I visually could see an inspect the information pertained in the file path. With these newer versions, all I get to see is just 36 characters, no more.  I would like this put back the way it was... Period.  This way I can inspect it manually for the | to signify that there is in fact more than one file under this heading.

Another problem I found is with manually trying to edit the file path info. With the info. that is presented to me on this line for the file path, I cannot any longer just place the cursor in between characters.  Cursor placement along with the amount of viewable characters on this line is totally messed up for file path info.  Please Fix these issues.

Support / Transferring selected data from one database to another
« on: April 24, 2010, 06:08:41 pm »
If I have a newer database of movies. Is there any way to extract and apply the Seen and Not Seen state for movies in an older database to the newer database of movies? If a movie cannot be found in the older database, can it be marked automatically in the newer database as Not Seen?

Thanks for any help.

Feature Suggestions / Suggestions/Questions
« on: April 03, 2010, 03:57:07 pm »
? Is there any way possible to use something like pvd_setup.exe as link to the download for pvd, but when downloading this file besides manually always having to edit the file name of download to incorperate the version of this particular setup for your system to automatically tag version info. to the setup file?

? When the setup file is run, there is nothing upon starting the file that lets us know what version of the app this setup is for.  Can someone please make a slight adjustment to the setup file that when executed will tell the user what version it is they are about to install?

? I see links to download new updates to plugins/skins/web pages but I see no link to Prior versions of PVD.  Luckly for me I had a prior version of the setup file already renamed to pvd_setup v0.9.9.18.exe. Can someone please create a link where older/prior versions of PVD, setup and .zip can be downloaded from? Doesn't have to be all prior versions.

?** Is there any way at all you can make some slight change to PVD that will signify to the end user that the movie listed in the database actually has a playlist to run from where there is more than one movie under the same heading, besides always having to check the file info./file path for | as a seperator for the movies.  This would be of great help.... Maybe apply a * at the end of the file ID or a * at the beginning of the movie name but have the * null-and-void when organizing movies into alphabetical order.  (a * at the end of the file ID would be of no use, if the Classic Tabs skin was used, for the ID is not displayed to the end user).


I think there is a bug/problem in I added a movie to a folder that was previously scanned.  There was already a listing in the database for this movie, so this would be a 2nd one with a slightly different file name.  
The scan, not sure at first if 2 movies were picked up under file column and seperated by | but when the scan did find a new movie.  So I selected OK. Database still only shows 1 movie. Closed PVD then reopened it after each scan(s) so info. would be saved to the database. Rerun the scan again a movie is picked up; seems as though in the database each time only one of the movies is shown and they were alternating, after each scan. I deleted the entry all together in the database. Closed PVD....... Now I do another scan of the directory. This time I check under file column if 2 movies are picked up and seperated by |.... Sure enough, both are picked up.  OK.  Check database, Only 1 movie is listed, NOT both movies. I do another scan after closing to save the info. to the database.  This time, the other movie that is not yet included in the database is not to be picked up.  I have to manually enter movies into the database seperated by | if there is more than 1 movie.  Need a fix for this.

I still had the install for v0.9.9.18 so I reinstalled it.  Because I have made changes to my Classic Tabs Skin to incorperate IMDB Votes into the skin, I reapplied the skin.  After doing so, I checked the movie I previously had problems with and sure enough, 2 movies seperated by | are listed for file info.


Support / Preference settings / Custom fields
« on: March 13, 2010, 04:25:01 pm »
I originally set this option to Not Seen as apposed to the Default Seen, when I did my original scan for movie info.  Then, a while later, I went to update the database with another directory of approx. 30Gig of movies.  After downloads were complete, all the movies were added as "Seen" rather than 'Not Seen' as I had set it too a while ago.  Why must I prior to doing a scan always have to check and reconfigure this option prior to doing a new scan.

The placement of pvdconf.ini and what it retains in it.  I set my windows options to 'Not show hidden files' and to 'Hide system protected files' yet in order to be able to view the contents of pvdconf.ini I have to delselect the 'Not show hidden files' option and then reintialize it when finished, that is if I don't forget.  
- Why does this pvdconf.ini file have to be placed in this strange place? (C:\Documents and Settings\*UserName*\Application Data\Personal Video Database" this is an Hidden Sytem File folder) under XP.  
 -Why can it not be placed in My Documents folder under the Personal Video Database folder that this program creates there? I'd prefer this much more.
- While viewing the pvdconf.ini file I see it has [FileScanner] options but there is not entry made for 'Information Card' where it would = Seen (1) or Not Seen (0).  I would like it if this option could be added and to pvdconf.ini and that the pvdconf.ini be moved to the My Documents folder for PVD.

I was using the PVD Condensed skin but later changed to PVD Classic Tabs skin, Because there are No Votes attached to the IMDB rating given, I tried to get to IMDB (to check on how many people had voted for this movie) through a people link provided in the Condensed skin but found out that link only took me into People mode, of which I could not find a way out of, or how to get back to Movies view mode, so I deleted the pvdconf.ini file and started the program over again.
- Even though if your in People Mode, there should be some simple way under "View" to get back to 'Movie Mode' as there is already a simple way under 'View' to 'Switch to People' Mode.
Because this program when retrieving the IMDB data does present the viewer with votes and nor does the PVD Condensed skin show URL or IMDB site link in the reason I changed to using the PVD Classic Tabs skin which fits pretty good for a resolution of 800 x 600 and I am quite happy in the end with its look.

When will this program and plugins be capable of displaying 'Votes' by people to get the IMDB rating imposed on the movie in question?

Thanks to all. Most of prolems are of minimal concern, but should still be looked into.

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