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Development / Kroozbox - PVD to media theatre solution
« on: October 09, 2008, 10:22:47 pm »
Hello Nostra, Rick, Gang,

Latest version of Kroozbox now supports LG smart TV and Syabas Flash based media player (C-300, Popbox, etc) with corresponding template.

Latest version 2.3 of Kroozbox (February 2013):
Kroozbox media player for NMT

Version 2.0 added title display on status line and 3D+mirror effect on images.

For PVD users versoin 1.8  now have a playlist for movie and series with multiple files (click once to play all).
Versoin 1.7 now includes a Music Jukebox.

For those new to the conversation:
The idea is to make the PVD database available to any Media theater system without any exporting/conversion/rekluging,etc.
I own a Media Tank Popcorn Hour based on Syabas chipset and I needed something that would give me access to PVD ripository from my TV automatically (no copy/export/update.. just turn it on).

I finally decided to write it in Java. I call it Kroozbox.

Basically, this is a SSDP (read "UPNP") device on top of a HTTP server used to stream out information from SQL database (like Firebird.. used in PVD). I have decided to put together a complete open system. Meaning it can work with any/all SQL database providing that a Java JDBC driver exists for it.

The package link above includes everything for PVD (and MySQL driver if someone needs them). You just need to have Java 1.5 and up installed and start it. Just one thing to configure in the file is the location of your .PVD file (read the README).
There is no hook into PVD application, so they can run independentely. All the syntax for SQL access are within the templates, easily customisable (had to do some reverse engeneering on your database Nostra  ;) ).

There are two templates, one for HD (High Definition) TV and one for SD (Standard Definition).  Choose the one you want from the config file. Of course, they can all be seen from the internet browser as well (port 8008 by default).(http://<your ip>:8008)

The download file size may seems a little big (6.4M) but I decided to include a small PVD file inside so you can just start the application without any configuration.

It can also be use to publish your PVD content directly online I guess (as I saw another user asking for it) but bare in mind that this is not a very efficient SQL extractor(no connection pool and request caching). So under heavy use (1000+ requests per minutes) it may barf and it is not build with security in mind.

I still need to do some code cleanup and mostly the documentation for configuration and templates building (this is where I think it shines - simple database acess language within the templates).

This should be considered beta release and I really need feedback.

Let me know. Thanks.

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