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Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: June 22, 2018, 01:20:55 pm »
thank you   :)
I will try it out as soon as possible

Scripts and Templates / Re: (Movies)
« on: June 22, 2018, 01:13:17 pm »
I'm very  :(  to tell u all that
my favorite cinema page has given up

the service is shut down  in face of bureaucratic and judicial facts and absurdities
which run their costs and shake their nerves to insupportableness

so the zelluloid scripts are obsolete from now on

im currently working on a few other script

so u will meet me here again

Script Links / Re: (scripts) Links
« on: February 02, 2018, 03:26:26 pm »
The Zelluloid scripts can also be downloaded here

cu meriator

Script Links / Re: (scripts) Links
« on: February 02, 2018, 10:03:26 am »
There is an update for the main zelluloid script  to version 1.1.6

some features didn't work anymore in case of change of the main URLs
so I fixed this

cu meriator

Feature Suggestions / Re: Profiles, light version and others suggestions
« on: January 02, 2012, 05:25:55 am »
Is there a way to add “profiles” to the software? When members of a family are using it, one movie could be marked “seen” for one user and “unseen” for others. Only a few things have to be changed (“seen-unseen”, “Rating”…) That could be stored in separated textfiles.
I agree to a feature like this but I wouldn't store the data to separated textfiles
I think,
as there are allready tables for USERS and PERMISSIONS
this could be done easy by adding an option field  “canvote” to PERMISSIONS table
and adding a table USERS_MOVIES which contains
USERS  “UID”,  “MID”, “seen”, “unseen”,  “last_seen”,  “user_rating” fields
and my be a table USERS_PERSONS which contains
USERS  “UID”,  “PID”,  “user_rating” fields

cu meriator

Scripts and Templates / Re: Get datas of Tree Filmography Field ?
« on: December 29, 2011, 05:24:17 am »
I think its impossible at this time?
its seems not  to be implemented to scriptint.dll

cu meriator

my script is working
except my navigation buttons which need the POST METHOD instead GET
which I have to add
in case there are more then 10 items found
what means the searchresult page contains navigation buttons too

the navigation urls(POST) must contain ALL  hidden form inputs
they vari from search to search depending on paging page and result of pages

Code: [Select]

this field value  must be searched and set

this field value
must be set manually  and should be excluded from parsed hiddens
(do NOT parse or set the org value "ü", to prevent miss URLencodings)

this field value
must be set manually  and should be excluded from parsed hiddens
it should be "2" (titlesearch)

do not parse the action
because it sometimes contains ";jsessionid=value[a-z|0-9]{10}" before "?"
(which also lead to miss URLencodings )
take this as default action URL instead

the submit for navigation should be set like this

everything works perfekt so far
my script is multilang (en/de) for most of the data results

except this POST/GET thing  :(

I'm very excitedly for a solution
 ( while me still believing its impossible for scripts currently )

cu meriator

thanks mgpw4me for trying
but this does not realy solve the problem

as I allready explained above
 the script parses the searchresults
at this point I allready know which of the URLs need which METHOD to be set
but I cant set a METHOD here in fact of,
I do not know at this time  which of the result items will be choosen/clicked
and I cant apply an invidual METHOD to each item of the searchlist at this point

so after an item has got choosen/clicked
the function GetDownloadMethod get called
but now I cant get the URL that was clicked to parse it
and to return the right METHOD

try it your self
( search for "Fluch"
you will get a long list of result but only 10 per page
so the script has to add Buttons as searchresults
one for go to next page (if curPage < lastPage)
one for go to previous page (if curPage > 1)

the results them self need the GET METHOD
the NAV buttons need the POST METHOD

but how can I know what will be clicked

hope this is more understandable now

cu meriator

by the way Happy Christ.... ;) 
to all here

cu  meriator

The script I currently trying to do
includes URLS
with POST and GET methods
and the site does not accept
POST instead of GET and vice versa

I should be able to get the URL of the searchresults list
that was choosen/clicked before the download starts
to parse it and return the correct method.

I tryed everything without success,
no way to get this URL  before GetDownloadMethod is executed

the earlist state to get the URL is after download
but this of cource fails either with ...

HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
 (GET instead of POST)
HTTP/1.1 405 Method Not Allowed
 (POST instead of GET)

Is there a way ?


cu meriator

Feature Suggestions / Re: my wishlist
« on: December 22, 2011, 10:15:48 pm »
one thing I forgot
as it would be realy useful  ;) for the webpage I curently trying to parse
in a lot of times they return so many results
but they limited the results to view on 10 per page
and I did not found any way till yet to change that ... :(
(this page has a 1m searchstring  :-X
but they have allmost all of the old goodies  ( movie lang: german only)
but the site it self is multilang german / english also the descirptions,
what a challenge )

So it would be very helpfuly on certain website
to be able to add navigetion buttons to the search form

AddSearchHint (Hint :String);

AddSearchTitleButton (State : Byte; Increment : Integer; URL :String; MT : Byte);
(automaticly on movie/person search)  Result := prList;
(automaticly on image search)  Result := prListImage;

1 :first page jump (increment not needed)
2: high jump back
3: low jump back
4: low jump forward
5: high jump forward
6: last page jump (increment not needed)
MT : 0=GET; 1=POST;

or if possible ( the short way )

AddPagerTitleButton (fP : Byte; curP, lastP , hits : Integer; URL%S : String; MT : Byte);
(automaticly)  Result := prList/prListImage;

fP ..... : firstpage 0=zero; 1=1; (some times the first page is zero)
curP .. : a positive integer value for the curent page
lastP . : a positive integer value for the last page
URL ... : URL string containg "%i" to fill in the increment and "%s" for the title
MT .... : 0=GET; 1=POST;

By the way it would be nice to have the posibility to force
whether the origtitle or the title is injected to the search string
maybe like "%t"(title)  OR  "%ot"(origtitle)

cu meriator
PS. .. just a wishlist .. me, a dreamer?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Feature Suggestions / my wishlist
« on: December 22, 2011, 12:46:02 am »
hi all

I would like to see the following features

additional movie fields
   * msID (aka website id) Table:wwwMIDs[MID, site(s.text/base_url), msID(s.text)] msID=mostly an integer but not allways
   * critic (memo)
   * notice (memo)
   * independent movie template (filename) ( would be nice for series, category, generes)
  comment:  [msID]: this would make it much easier to decide whether a movie is allready listet or not
additional person fields
   * psID (aka website id) Table:wwwPIDs[PID, site(s.text/base_url), psID(s.text)]
   * gender (integer)
   * critic (memo)
   * notice (memo)
 *** custom fields
  comment:  [psID]: this would make it much easier to decide whether an actor is allready listet or not

additional movie image fields
   * (PIDs)   to link a person to an image
   * hint    (short text)
   * sort    (integer) to sort images
  comment:  if * (PIDs on images) then there should be a function
 in persons imageview MODE, aka (show him/her on screens) to make sense
additional actor/crew fields
   * sort    (integer) to sort by importance
   * mainA   (boolean) to mark their importance and maybe to have a criteria for a shortlist on skinning
              true:main actor (default:false)
additional crew fields
   ( by importance )
 *** cinematographer
 *** cutter
 *** sound
  ** novel
  ** screenplay
   * effects
   * make-up
   * costume design
   * production design
   * lights
   * wardrobe
   * stunts
   * set decoration
   * requisite
programm behaivor
 [scripting feature] (* AddFieldValueToLastActor / * AddFieldValueXMLToLastActor)
 when adding an actor via movie import
 * the posibility to fill additional field data for the last added actor
 [scripting feature] (* AddFieldValueToLastEpisode / * AddFieldValueXMLToLastEpisode)
 when adding a episode via via movie import
 * the posibility to fill additional field data for the last added episode
 [scripting feature] (* AddFieldValueToLastMovie / * AddFieldValueXMLToLastMovie)
 when adding a movie via persons filmogarphy import
 * the posibility to fill additional field data for the last added movie

 [scripting feature] 
* real RegEx
* a php like funtion flip array which changes key/val to val/key is sometimes very helpful
* posibility to share functions withhin an extern script file
 so i dont have to rewrite them al the time

 when adding an actor via movie import
 * add new ones; on existing ones only overwrite role and add url
 [plugin settings]
  * custom plugin settings via batch import
   ( this means the settings of a plugin can different from main settings
     when it is called via batch import
     so it will behave diffrent from calling it directly
     I would need this in a lot of cases)
  [screenshoots, poster...]
  * image sorting (let be the first image the default one)
  when viewing movies (a limited "clear fields" option aka "clear persons")
  * delete all persons from this movie/s
  when viewing movies (a limited "clear fields" option aka "clear connections")
  * delete all connections from this movie/s
  * background images
  * box, image shaddows (like browser behaivior)
  * popup tabs buttons (like double click on screenshoots, poster ... with fadeIn,fadeOut would be great)
  it would be a very nice thing to have a ini file 
  aka "new_databas.ini"
  * where all customfield are stored
    so when we generate a new empty DB
    all those fields will be generated automaticly
  * also for default list-items
  * also for visible data-fields
  * and for plugin-settings
  * .... image-path etc.
  if we would have independent movie templates
  [assign templates]
  * assign independent template to selected movies
  * assign independent template to all episodes
  * assign independent template by category, genere ....
  thats my pers. wishlist so far
  and once again
, thanks nostra
  thanks for the app
  the best p.MovieDatabase I know out there
  cu meriator
PS. minor bug on
when a costum field is assigned to the main tab or any other tab
then custom tab disapears completly

Scripts and Templates / Re: (Movies)
« on: December 21, 2011, 10:55:58 pm »
here is a new version of the zelluloid_movie script
curent version:

found a bug
 if there where no generes
 like here  "Erotic Tales - Night of the Shorts"
 some grab where imported ... ??? ... ( sorry)
 I fixed that

cu meriator
on IMDB "Tales of Erotica",
on Zweitausendeins "Erotic Tales"
they differ a lot
 but it's  the same movie it seems to me
and "Erotic Tales" on  Zweitausendeins has the best data

[attachment deleted by admin]

Scripts and Templates / Zweitausendeins Filmlexikon DE (movies, screens.)
« on: December 21, 2011, 10:18:45 pm »
hi all
I've yust finished this scripts  ;)
Zweitausendeins Filmlexikon DE

it was a little difficulty the way we have to search this site
but i found a way .....

mostly you may not get any result on orig. title,  if it is not a german made move
so we will have todo a second search with the (visible) title

in this case any :space ->": " is replaced to +-+
because the standard way to separate
main movie title: sub movie title
= in german more common like
main movie title - sub movie title

badly they use encodeURI(chr) requests in their post method
so it took me much more time to figure this out ....
then to make a function to encode the query this way

on doing a second search the script will not add the orig. title to your DB
in fact of .. this is a little unsave comparing to IMDB ..
execpt you force it to do so
eq. the title will only be change if you force if

there are alot of movies without  posters .. and  or images
if there are any you can decide an images as poster
either the first or last out of xx images
can be downloaded if you wish
Note: posters, if any, are mostly at the end

This site it self  is very basicly, 
but one of the best german movie pages with short but good descriptions
and mostly correct data (I think IMDB has more data errors then this site)
on more than 54.000 movies, bascily german, european ones.
A fundamental research, so  that lot of other website use to quote them.
This was the fact for me to do this script.

zweitausendeins_DE.psf the movie script
curent version:

zweitausendeins_DE_screenshots.psf  the screenshot script
curent version:

the webpage has no personaly infos on actors
except their filmography
(so I thought for me, that there is no important reason for a person script)

edit:found a little bug
archive updated

zweitausendeins_DE_screenshots.psf  the screenshot script
curent version:
cu meriator

[attachment deleted by admin]

Scripts and Templates / Filmstarts_DE (movie,screens.,poster)
« on: December 19, 2011, 07:59:41 am »
..and here 3 new scripts  for

filmstarts_DE.psf the movie script
curent version:
similar to the zelluloid script
most of PVDs standard fields
1 aditional credit
aditional crew members, based on level of importance
( "Mr.Xxx" -- "___cinematographer___") or ( "Mr.Xxx" -- "___Kamera___")
... language based ...
similar movies as connection list ( *** read code below)
search page navigation
awards are not liste by this site   :(
Code: [Select]
 SEARCH_w_PIC    = TRUE;  //represents the search results with covers
 DO_CREDITS      = TRUE;  //get actor /crew data
 DO_CRITICS      = TRUE;  //this will get the critic
 DO_RATINGS      = TRUE;  // not supported yet (dont know wether i need this)
 DO_TECHNIC      = TRUE;  // get budget / money info if any
 DO_POSTER       = TRUE;  // download the poster
 DO_bigPoster    = TRUE;  // try to get the big poster
 DO_EXTRAS       = TRUE;  // get additional crew members
 DO_CUSTOMS      = TRUE;  //Set to False if you do not want custom-fields being filled
                          //this will allso affect others
 DO_CREW_RANG    = 5;     //this will get additional crew members by importance from 0-5
                          //0=higest importance, 5=lowest importance
 DO_CRITIK_AT    = 2;     //1= custom field cf_kritik
                          //2= comment field

 DO_SIMILARS     = TRUE;  //this will add a connection list for up to 10 similar movies
                          //(in normal mode we can grab only the title but these may not match
                          // to a corresponding existing title of an other movie site,
                          // so its less save for a consistent DB)
 DO_SIM_PRO      = FALSE;  //this loads the similar movies site first
                          //to get the org.title and the year before adding
                          //( but there are max. 3 items with urls (:-( javascript) )
                          //( items without org.title will be skipped )

 DO_numDates     = TRUE;  //this converts name of month to numeric value
 JOB_LANGUAGE    = 'de';  // curently only  'de' or 'en'
 //end OPTIONS

 //start language independent
 //you may change the followings values to your language
 // the following will mark crew members (Kamera, Sound...)
 JOB_PREFIX   = '___'; // what ever you like
 JOB_SUFIX    = '___'; // what ever you like

 //coustom field names      setup here the names for requierd custom-fields
 cf_fstartID    = 'ID FStart';              //Kurzer Text
 cf_primeDE     = 'deut.Erstausstrahlung';  //Kurzer Text
 cf_FSK         = 'FSK';                    //Kurzer Text
 cf_kritik      = 'Kritik';                 //Memo
 cf_news        = 'News';                   //Memo
 cf_notiz       = 'Notiz';                  //Memo
 //end coustom field names

 //end language independent

the options and their setting values are discriped inside the script like above

filmstarts_DE_poster.psf the poster script
curent version:
the options and ..... inside the script

the screenshot script
curent version:
the options and ..... inside the script


I tried to explain all options and their setting values inside each of the scripts
*** NOTE: if you change any of the options
***or if you use the scripts for the first time
*** PLEASE  try on an empty test database first

cu meriator

[attachment deleted by admin]

Scripts and Templates / Re: Kino + Video DE
« on: December 19, 2011, 03:33:34 am »
hi Ivek23
thanks for reporting this error
the script was missing some const
 ( it happend via by copy+paste   ???)
I have updated the zip archive
in my first post

should work now so far

cu meriator

Scripts and Templates / Kino + Video DE
« on: December 18, 2011, 05:36:27 am »
here I are 5 scripts i wrote

kino DE movie script
curent version:
kino DE screenshot script
curent version:

video DE movie script
curent version:
video DE screenshot script
curent version:

and a combination script
just for fun but it does work
kino+video DE movie script
curent version:

they are all similar to the zelluloid script

the kino+video DE movie script has one known bug
if have got  your infos from video.db
you have do a search for the movie again for updates
because we cant have 2 base_urls


I tried to explain all options and their setting values inside each of the scripts
*** NOTE: if you change any of the options
***or if you use them for the first time
*** PLEASE  try on an empty test database first

cu meriator

[attachment deleted by admin]

Scripts and Templates / Tatort Episoden DE
« on: December 18, 2011, 05:18:30 am »
here is a script that will only work on single Tatort Episoden
but in batch one after one
do not use it for any ohter movie

It loads its Infos from to different sites

and it is able to merge the infos together
but you should first get the movie Tatort
and its episodes via IMDb
we need the titles and the release-dates first

I have corrected the most of these data  on IMDb allready
so it should get correct results

it gets Infos actors and a screenshot as Poster
and certain other data

Please try this on an empty DB first

the descsription of the options and their setting values
and the custom-fields and field-types
are are stored inside the script

cu meriator
(I know this one is very special, may be no one needs that)

[attachment deleted by admin]

Scripts and Templates / Re: (Movies)
« on: December 18, 2011, 04:51:58 am »
here is a new version of the zelluloid_movie script
curent version:
I have allmost completly rewritten the script
to make it full working again
and to make it more future save and to speed it up
new features:
the extra crew members are now level based
it will also download mini-posters
it will now download up to 3 user-critics
and you are able to decide in the option settings were to store them
either in comment-field or a custom memo-field
its also able to save soundtrack infos if there are any

by the way i added a my zelluloid_person  script
current version
and my zelluloid_screenshots script
current version

I tried to explain all options and their setting values inside each of the scripts
*** NOTE: if change any of the options
***or if you use them for the first time
*** PLEASE  try on an empty test database first

 cu meriator

[attachment deleted by admin]

Feature Suggestions / accessing valueconvert directly
« on: January 31, 2011, 10:28:48 am »
Is it possible
to add the capability to change the translations directly
with the values stored in valueconvert.cfg ?
Without using an other import plugin.
and without the needs to go online.
Only matching values should be translated
all others should stay as the are.
this would be great !!

by the way
mfAwardWon    = 81;
mfAwardEvent  = 82;
mfAwardCat     = 84;
81|Edda Awards|Edda Filmpreis
82|Edda Awards, Iceland|Edda Filmpreis (Island)
84|Best Motion Picture – Drama|Bester Film – Drama

are not matched,
no change

and its seems that
person values are not matchable at all
any way
thx meriator

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